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In any business, approach to work plays a major role and that is why management is one crucial area in which we make no mistakes. Our approach to work substantiate on the basis of focus. After understanding the capabilities of each individual, he/she is sent to work in that aspect only which in turn ensures work that is at its best due to this approach.


Advance and current knowledge is important for people who wish to work in a company like ours. We have people with vast knowledge in the field they are working and this is how we ensure that the work done is up to the standards that need to be met for you as well as us.

The strategy that we use for the work we do is quite simple. It is an approach in which the person who is best at doing that thing is assigned to it. But that does not mean that other people cannot pitch in ideas.
The quality of the work is essential to us as well as you. This is why, we always thrive to give you the best possible fit for your work and operate in diligence to minimize mistakes and rectify any if made before the product is given to you.


We are a group of techies who like to alter things on computers to make them unique and also want to show our creative sense with the help of the products we develop for our clients. With dedicated teams to cater to all the web needs of the world, we are ready to accept all challenges that you wish to give us and turn them into a source of income for you. We aspire to be a team the makes the client want to hire over and over again because of our hard work, diligence and never say die attitude.

About Us

With 15 years of experience, we are a dedicated team of workers who have provided the services for many governmental and non governmental agencies, from individual to big corporate businesses and many more. With our team, you are bound to get what you desire, a user friendly work of art and that too at the right time.


Adam Scott

Surrug and his helped me to develop a fantastic mobile app for my business. The team is very professional and knowledgeable as they not only helped me create the app but also showed me how to make the app successful. Thank you. I highly recommend Surrug and his team!

-Adam Scott

John Quincy

I hired Creative Ruge for SEO services and was really impressed by the team's professionalism and knowledge. In our first meeting, they took the time to understand all of my needs and really went in depth through all my requirements. I am happy to get the desired results for the ranking of my website on google. I strongly recommend their service for digital marketing.

-John Quincy


I was looking for a website that would actually help my business to gain an online presence. Also I was looking for something to generate money while presenting a very professional image without making a huge investment. Creative Ruge did an excellent job and proved what they promised. I am fully satisfied with their work.


Lee j

The team at Creative Ruge was able to create an amazing website for my business. Working with Creative Ruge is a great decision for any business owner. My site is now fully functional and optimized for mobile view. I am so impressed by their attention to detail and quality of service.

-Lee j

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