Tips For Getting Your App To Rank With Google.

This basically means that there should be a few keywords attached to the application that are relevant to it. This will ensure that if someone is looking for services your app provides, he or she sees it.

  1. Installs and uninstalls: The higher the number of installs you get on your application, higher the application’s rank with Google. But if there are immediate uninstalls or only a few people tend to keep it for long, then you are probably going to get low ranking on the app.
  1. Reviews: These play a major role in the type of ranking you get and also the number of installs that finally occur because of it. So, whenever possible get the best possible reviews and in case of bad reviews, respond immediately and tend to the problems immediately to minimize the damage done because of the problem in the first place.
  1. Comments: Another thing that should be taken care of are the comments that the users are allowed to make right under the rating of the application. If your comment section is filled with good response, then your ranking would be high but if it is not then your ranking would fall.
  1. Application optimization: Make sure that you have a title that meets your work, so that it is easily seen by the people looking for it. But avoid naming is similar to any other application that is famous already, as this might result in less hits due to Google auto-correcting it in the search to the more popular app. Also, the description of the application should be clear and concise, nobody has the time to read long text before installing an application and that is why only a summary of the app is needed on the top.
  1. Add screenshots: The thing that one must do with the app is add screen shots of it to let users know exactly what is in store for them. This way they won’t feel cheated and the longevity of installed app will be positively affected.
  1. Application specific keywords: Whenever required, use only app specific keywords. More people who find it are likely to install it because they are searching for it and it would not spam them. However, it can cause agitation and sometimes mislead people to install and then uninstall it, which is bad for the ranking.
  1. Incoming links: If your links that lead to your application are present, which would eventually increase the footfall to your application, and then you are bound to get good app ranking with Google.

Google app ranking system’s algorithm is not disclosed but these are a few points which have been confirmed by the company itself and that is why one has to consider them while making their application, because, by the end of it, you do not want an app that is downloaded by anyone at all. So, work on these tips and you too can get good ranking on Google for your application.