Top 10 Social Media Trends from 2017

This trend will only increase from here on in as it seems to be doing quite well for the business who opt for this marketing strategy.

  1. Potential buyers: The various businesses in existence and the ones that are opening now are focused on the newer generation and targeting them to get more opportunities. It is mainly due to the fact that new generation has started opting for newer more innovative products and that is why, many businesses have made them their targets. Also, this generation, born near 1995 has great potential and a major purchasing power has well.
  1. Individualist attention: Communicating on personal basis has become the new norm. Many companies are investing a huge sum of money on their social media and message broadcasting to give people the feeling of being acknowledged and relating more with the company.
  1. The chat bots miracle: This technology, that mimics human interaction has grown exponentially and made consumer and provider interaction easier and more effective. This has harnessed great response from people as well as the vendors.
  1. The digital hangout phenomenon: A video calling service that allows multiple people to share experiences that to from the comfort of their home has gained much attention. This form has allowed people from distant places to share experiences such as movie watching, shopping and many more.
  1. Content check: After internet became a pothole of fake news and hostile to new users, applications to check legitimacy of products took centre stage, eradicating the problem of being conned on any of the platform from prying businesses looking to make a quick buck.
  1. Online market: Another developed that happened in 2017 was the increase in e-marketing where people were able to sell their products in to people from various countries via paid advertisements. It started in the early 2017 but took off a bit later, only after the success of various already established businesses.
  1. Virtual reality: This is a comparatively newer form of technology which lets the user have the experience of variety of events from a comfortable place. It is still a long way to go, but it definitely seems to be picking up in term of usage, especially among gamers and children.
  1. Ephemeral content: Quick videos or pictures that stay on the internet for a very short time are known as ephemeral content. This has become the new norm in chatting as it gives more privacy to the users.
  1. Artificial intelligence (AI): Though present for long time, this technology has finally become a norm for the people who wish to use it. Siri was the first of its kind to be used widely but now, companies like Google and many other platforms have started providing it as well and the people seem to love having a personal assistant nearby at all times.

There are many trends which are still to come in the year of 2018, but these top 10 social media trends would not be going out anytime soon.